Virtualbox 5.2.X usb 3.0 device passthrough issue xHCI

As a side note. A friend had issues with passthrough on an older instance of virtualbox (5.2.18). He was using the XHCI extension for USB 3.0 passthrough (proxy). Dual passthrough devices existed in the virtual host, and intermittent (read, non working) connections.. Reverting back to the USB 2.0 extension seems to work better.

Trying out Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10.

It is on… Trying out the … scary co-inhabitant partnership that currently is undergoing a beta period. Point here is (according to a terrible video by MS) is that it is “brand new”. They seem to have forgotten their old subsystem for UNIX, that was.. horrid – and not even close to something that at […]

The year is 2015 – and people still click without thought.

The year of 2015 – the year one would think that after so many spam emails one would start thinking on what comes into the mailbox. But no. It’s tax time in Sweden. Several have gotten spam with attachments, from what claims to be the tax office. It’s not. First of – they don’t have […]

VLAN's. because I always forget…

modprobe 8021q apt-get install vlan vconfig add eth0 222 # 222 is vlan number ifconfig eth0.222 up ifconfig eth0.222 mtu 1496 #optional if your network card doesn’t support MTU 1504B ifconfig eth0.222 netmask auto eth0.222 iface eth0.222 inet static address netmask vlan-raw-device eth0 Sheatsheet: