xPU Thermals. Whats burning?

After a small re-amp of a spark (or more like a nuke going off..) for my interest in hardware and tinkering – especially the build and just going expensive LEGO all the over things, I remembered when I once upon a time started, actual heat output wasn’t really an issue – things didn’t even need […]

Jumping around the OS train. /Rant

All aboard! Next to me, work laptop turned off for the day – runs Windows 10 (*sob sob*). In front of me, workstation running *buntu 17.10 18.04 LTS. Below it, MacBook Pro running Mac OS. Next to it, my “Pi tower” running rasbian-ish distros. Next to the screen, gaiming rig running windows 10. BSD stuffs […]

Traffic Baseline. Apps/OS.

Rant. Many “NGFW” creations looks into the application-stack “layer 8”. I am however pondering over, since many seems to also identify the underlying OS (for enabling better and easier rule-sets per device category for example) – why not also provide a baseline for that specific OS – what to expect and also identify the normally […]

Progress and success for a company?

Been looking at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3DudqwsRPw, a summary over the history of AOL. The feel I got – was that if you allow marketing to take charge without innovation – you get an AOL history. Doomed. And – if you get a smaller company with tech-savvy ppl in charge only – you get no growth (based on […]

How do you disclose / inform / or get in contact with online companies today?

So, Troy Hunt got the following out; https://www.troyhunt.com/kids-pass-just-reminded-us-how-hard-responsible-disclosure-is/ If we back a bit, we have a communication history in general. Based on email… abuse webmaster postmaster @yourdomain – those where the general in-channels. Troy got into a tight spot, I have not encountered that – sadly, I got into something worse. Ignorance and fudge.. Reporting […]

The year is 2016….

And all is not well. But, re-discovered pfSense. It’s grown into a nifty little perimeter protector. Reverting over to FreeNas – because even at home de-duplication and compression is… useful. Found myself a small little windows tablet – quite interesting.