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Re-planning life. Relocate and thoughts.

I’ve started a new journey in life. I break to easily since I had quite the ride emotionally last year.
To fix this, or to start – I am moving down south and the plan for a house is 90% done. I can finally breathe without feeling oppressed by folks that loves to push shit down your throat and make you feel worthless. It will be awesome to have my own place, my own stuff, my own space.

Sadly, planning this place with stuff, is.. hard alone. As long as I remember that things take time, it should be doable. Best part of it, it’s a tiny oasis I am targeting. Meaning I can finally again invite my friends over or they can just come by without feeling like they are not welcome.

This means my tinkering and my pondering can have separate rooms, everything can finally get their own space, and this will be just perfect.

And finally – the hectic life in Stockholm can be left behind. I will still be my thoughtful self and have ideas – but I will continue my “thought-board” with post-its where they can start to grow into actual plans and implementations.

Sadly, it’s taking a bit more time than I was hoping. But then again, the original plan was to start checking this option out next year. So, I am still ahead of schedule ;).

It will be awesome. And I can start filling out this space with more stuff not just huffing and puffing over weird thought-patterns – but actual technical tinkering! Yay!

Progress and success for a company?

Been looking at, a summary over the history of AOL.

The feel I got – was that if you allow marketing to take charge without innovation – you get an AOL history. Doomed.
And – if you get a smaller company with tech-savvy ppl in charge only – you get no growth (based on personal experience).
If you get tech-savvy ppl with a understanding of “what’s next” – you get corporations like google (in the beginning).

But then, think again.. Some inovations press beyond our current boundries. Some boundries are ethical – and those are worse than that of simply “one-step-forward” thinking.

Presenting the PiWall and the PiES.

It has been a bumpy ride for the PiWall setup.
Memory-cards dying all over the place kinda killed the first PiWall and a few of the PiES.
The first incarnation of the PiWall held a bridge feature with wireless included with WPA2. Sadly due to stability issues with previous power supply I had to ditch it before – I might rebuild it again now that I have a new fancy supply attached.
I did also loose my nifty compiled squid proxy that made updating less costing bandwith wise (it has to be slim in space, power and bandwith – it´s raspberry pi´s! ).
However, now they are finally in order, and ready to perform all the fun stuff I want.




The main layout goes as follows;
All PiES uses rasbian as base – some the full featured version, and some the lite release. Hardware wise they are Raspberry Pi B, B+ and raspberry pi 2´s.

Top – PiWall – simple firewall gateway with NAT. Uses NTOP for enjoyment over the webs. Featureset includes Gateway (NAT), DHCP,DNS. Will include Squid against attached usb stick on Pi-Blue.
Pi-Blue – the blue cable – for the Pi with the touchscreen that is attatched to the side. Graphs realtime with iftop. Will serve usb stick over NFS for additional r/w features (ie, squid).
Pi-Orange – Master node and will be used as controller for all. Any actions onwards will be directed from this baby.
Pi-Purple – Slave node.
Pi-Yellow – Slave node.
Pi-Green – slave node.
pies-switch – a “smart” netgear switch with a webinterface
On the side – One to many USB “psu”. Makes it easier..

Next step will be to re-compile glusterFS – I had it partially working until two SD-cards died…

I will try to in the future add Partial PXE-boot-like enviroment. Meaning that only data on the SD-card locally will be the needed boot-part – the rest will not reside on it, making the setup more durable and totally minimizing writes to the SD-cards.