The Ryzen 5 1600 / B350 / under linux (kubuntu with kernel 4.15.0-22) and Nvidia drivers…

Every other day one thinks, it’s cool and nice.. And alas – I notice all cores and threads are stuck at 1374Mhz.. No wonder it stays around 41 degrees C over full load.. It seems something is missing in the performance-junka-mado.. However, “clocking down” to a clock in BIOS to 3775 as a max target […]

Traffic Baseline. Apps/OS.

Rant. Many “NGFW” creations looks into the application-stack “layer 8”. I am however pondering over, since many seems to also identify the underlying OS (for enabling better and easier rule-sets per device category for example) – why not also provide a baseline for that specific OS – what to expect and also identify the normally […]

How do you disclose / inform / or get in contact with online companies today?

So, Troy Hunt got the following out; If we back a bit, we have a communication history in general. Based on email… abuse webmaster postmaster @yourdomain – those where the general in-channels. Troy got into a tight spot, I have not encountered that – sadly, I got into something worse. Ignorance and fudge.. Reporting […]

We broke the internet, by inventing the internet.

Rant… This is a rant. But in short, by the birth of the internet – interconnected computing, and the applications of that era – why whould not part of the first users take over in a hostile model what they started or, partially took over. It’s a matter of cost. Looking back at my own […]

The year is 2015 – and people still click without thought.

The year of 2015 – the year one would think that after so many spam emails one would start thinking on what comes into the mailbox. But no. It’s tax time in Sweden. Several have gotten spam with attachments, from what claims to be the tax office. It’s not. First of – they don’t have […]