Baking a dedicated maltrieve VM.

1 Serving of a appropriate VM
1 Iso of Debian 7.x (32bit flavor is sufficient)
Start with installing the VM where it is supposed to live, use the ISO for flavoring.
Setup everything else you wish to have running – shield the machine off.
Now, to the easy part;

apt-get install git python-dev python-pip

Get that git to your fresh user, in that freshly created space – whereever it might be;).

git clone

Good and getting there! Jump to your freshly cloned dir, and go;

pip install -e .

Might take a while, some parts will have to be compiled. Grab coffee.
Wait for the following line;

Successfully installed beautifulsoup4 feedparser gevent greenlet grequests python-magic requests pre-commit pytest pytest-cov coveralls LinkChecker maltrieve aspy.yaml cached-property jsonschema nodeenv ordereddict pyyaml simplejson virtualenv py coverage cov-core docopt
Cleaning up...

Now, sit back, and kick off (if you’re happy with the settings for maltrieve ).

Processing source URLs
Completed source processing
Downloading samples, check log for details
[lots of lots of lines.. ;) ]

You could always take a peek at , if you don’t like my writing.

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