Boho, Netflix and Spotify. Boho, DRM.

I’ve had Netflix for years. Why? I could stream content to my devices – sadly not the devices I wanted to in the beginning, and of course – no “offline” mode. Because, DRM, and… yes. DRM.
Not until Chrome chewed some on it did it expand to the linux platform in a while back. It has never been a great experience, but good enough to hang around for and be able to time to time catchup on series or some odd bad movie you never thought of watching.
Tonight however I just got fed up. I was unable to start streaming anything – because they had decided I was either using a proxy or a VPN connection. Assholes. I was using neither – if any – I did use VPN to get home and be able to watch the same shit as before back in the days when I traveled heavily.
Enough. No more sponsoring DRM and stupidity.
Sadly, I have realized that paying for spotify is not worth it either. I will now save roughly 200 sek (est. US $22) per month, that I can place on other things. Woopie.

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