Trying out Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10.

It is on… Trying out the … scary co-inhabitant partnership that currently is undergoing a beta period.
Point here is (according to a terrible video by MS) is that it is “brand new”. They seem to have forgotten their old subsystem for UNIX, that was.. horrid – and not even close to something that at least today should be able to touch production machines.
However.. They did stress quite a lot that it is still beta, and only a small subset of actual syscalls via the “adapter” works against the NT Kernel.
No suprises there at all. We will see how many they might be able to cover, and if it might even be proven to gain any kind of trust.
For the real world – the primary claim is that it will work perfectly for developers etc.. I would say it would prolly work as at best a better approach than pulling out resources for a virtual machine.
They seem to take pride in that it will share the current network stack – that we all know is fracked from the beginning. Windows can barely handle anything in this sense, and workload, no – this is only for simple tasks, and a easier way on a local machine to get you hopefully at least the normal GNU toolset to work out of the box.
At least – getting it to run is easy.
To get this horrid beta on your machine – first you need to grab a beer. Then some coffee, then I would say either a bottle of whiskey or a energy drink.
Step by step …
1 – Jump onto your windows 10 box, login, grab the first beer.
2 – register for Windows Insider Previews
3 – dig into the updates and advanced settings, input your account details for the preview
4 – guessing a reboot, and a new beer.
5 – now, go back to the insider preview part in updates – adjust the slider to the outer dangerous position. Grab coffee or whiskey..
6 – reboot – refill drink
7 – Reboot a couple of more times
8 – Apply all the patches, reboot
9 – Do all the logins, verify that your screen is now filled in the lower right corner with at least build number 14332
10 – grab the turn windows features on and off – locate the magical new windows subsystem for linux (beta)
11 – reboot
12 – login again, grab a new drink
13 – punch in bash and accept the canonical licence if you dare, create a local account
14 – grab hopefully that last drink
15 – wait for it to download the ubuntu data, from the microsoft market…
16 – wait for it..
(PS – Seems like they fixed top, kinda – DS.)
Toy around. Enjoy – destroy – and remember – even if this leaves beta – we rely on the NT Kernel, The underlying windows features – Windows networkstack – and the permission of Microsoft to use our software…

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