Raspberry Pi 3, WiFi gone with the wind (but now back).

I dunno… Is it just me, or did the wireless just go away with the latest build of Rasbpian (as of today 2016-08, build from before summer).
Tried it out on two different 3´s – with both the full blown version and the lite one. Did not matter. There’s bluetooth, but no wifi.
The module(s) is loaded – but to no avail.
Been using both ones with the official Pi Screen. Been pondering if there is a bad glitch with not powering stuff separately ( power connected over GPIO ).
I’ll try it out without the interconnect and power them separately…
The whole of the interwebs seems to know nothing about it. What have I done that no one else seems to have noticed?
So … Just reconnected the lab-machine again after having it connected over ethernet, and guess what – the drivers seems to be back, for some odd reason. Odd… Odd.. Odd..
Seems to be related to power consumtion.. It’s a bit weird.

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