We broke the internet, by inventing the internet.

Rant… This is a rant.
But in short, by the birth of the internet – interconnected computing, and the applications of that era – why whould not part of the first users take over in a hostile model what they started or, partially took over.
It’s a matter of cost. Looking back at my own involvement with the military – I get it. For low priority stuff you might even hook it up to the interwebs.
But – the problem is, they need to start just do what we do with our normal armies. Stuff ’em as security at the boarder and threatening power. Not enslaving the whole of us. Not stepping on rules, and regulations the majority of us keep. I am not talking about the amount of data. The amount of data is irrelevant. It is the intent of the normal average person connected to the internet. The persona that thinks they have nothing to loose. Nothing to hide, and the worst fear is loosing their smartphone.
Is it really about “defending ours”?
How about it’s time we simply stopped the intelligence community from walking into our livingrooms, and the corporations from owning us instead of us being the consumer of their products.
Time to step up the game, by laying down the rules.
So.. What are the rules?
In war – spare the civilians.
If you have to wage wars on the webs, stop involving us- and our data.

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