Re-planning life. Relocate and thoughts. Edited with costs..

So. All below was part of a plan that tried to free me of the chains and misery.

Well life and Murphy caught up. I am stuck here and paying the price for it. This means I have to face the demon in my head being the ghost of past.

Life really keeps you on you toes, unless you try to ride it yourself…..

I’ve started a new journey in life. I break to easily since I had quite the ride emotionally last year.
To fix this, or to start – I am moving down south and the plan for a house is 90% done. I can finally breathe without feeling oppressed by folks that loves to push shit down your throat and make you feel worthless. It will be awesome to have my own place, my own stuff, my own space.

Sadly, planning this place with stuff, is.. hard alone. As long as I remember that things take time, it should be doable. Best part of it, it’s a tiny oasis I am targeting. Meaning I can finally again invite my friends over or they can just come by without feeling like they are not welcome.

This means my tinkering and my pondering can have separate rooms, everything can finally get their own space, and this will be just perfect.

And finally – the hectic life in Stockholm can be left behind. I will still be my thoughtful self and have ideas – but I will continue my “thought-board” with post-its where they can start to grow into actual plans and implementations.

Sadly, it’s taking a bit more time than I was hoping. But then again, the original plan was to start checking this option out next year. So, I am still ahead of schedule ;).

It will be awesome. And I can start filling out this space with more stuff not just huffing and puffing over weird thought-patterns – but actual technical tinkering! Yay!