Information ey?

It’s a blog – I write, you read, you comment, I read.
Can’t get much more simple than that.

There is no set schedule for the posting. I’ll post when / if I want. Once upon a time
every homepage I owned had a disclaimer, so lets follow the old guidelines:

I will not take responsibility in any way for anything attempted after;
reading, trying or anything connected to the content of this site.
The content here comes AS-IS – and will try to follow the net-etiquette and
ethic standards of modern day society. Simply put –
Common sense dictates this site and content and my actions to a certain degree – you fix your own stuff.


Onwards – I work within IT Security, the writings here reflects my personal space, and not anything else, usually. However – My opinions are mine alone and does not have to be reflected of my current, previous or next employer.

If you really need to contact me – do it over twitter – or a channel presented in plain text here on this site. Or leave a comment – or donate with something attached.

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