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Forensic Memory Dump Analysis Using Moonsols Recover Deleted Files with Foremost,scalpel in Ubuntu Firesheep & blacksheep Drift_netting Enable forwarding – Driftnet dsniff Arpspoof -t routerip targetip


Gathered a few links during my exhausting stay in India: — Enjoy.

irssi + bitlbee + facebook-chat..

Now, there’s a nice page containing the steps right here instead: Well, I gave in.. So, get yourself a username first, then simply go: account add jabber [username] [password] And then simply go account on. But, if you don’t like the lovely nicks popping up, go: account set facebook/nick_source full_name Or, if you like […]

USB-multiboot key

So, been watching this humor-thing called Hak5 – then after a bunch of episodes they actually took me by surprise – they constructed a multiboot usb-key – and I thought – hey, neat – I need that! Ingredients: USB-key (as big or small as you wish),FAT32-format grubutils grub4dos your boot-cd’s/live-cd’s/floppy-images of choice. Basic steps is […]

Migrate packages installed from repositories.

Go dpkg –get-selections > selections.txt on your current system. Copy the output file over to your new machine (ie, scp). Run dpkg –set-selections < selections.txt on your new machine, to tell it which packages you want installed. If possible, migrate files and settings as appropriate. Don't forget to apt-get dselect-upgrade .