Traffic Baseline. Apps/OS.

Rant. Many “NGFW” creations looks into the application-stack “layer 8”. I am however pondering over, since many seems to also identify the underlying OS (for enabling better and easier rule-sets per device category for example) – why not also provide a baseline for that specific OS – what to expect and also identify the normally […]

Building: Rasbian PiWall nDPI Kernel. Link collection.

Another cleanup of an old link collection, targeting the build of a nDPI Kernel for the ARM arch (raspberry pi).

honeypot link collection. Wireless honeypot?

Just did a link collection to start myself off with honepots again – had this in draft for ages. Time to do something about it. Perhaps it is time to start creating network-honeypots – as the counter is ticking down for the release of some possibly major WPA2-issues to be uncovered – creating dedicated wireless […]

Progress and success for a company?

Been looking at, a summary over the history of AOL. The feel I got – was that if you allow marketing to take charge without innovation – you get an AOL history. Doomed. And – if you get a smaller company with tech-savvy ppl in charge only – you get no growth (based on […]

Fortinet webfilter test

# cat #!/bin/bash #wget #New url.. wget grep wftest categories > raw IN=`cat raw` links=$(echo $IN | tr ‘”‘ “\n”) for addr in $links do if [[ $addr == *”html”* ]];then echo $addr >> targets fi done targets=`cat targets` for filtaddr in $targets do echo”$filtaddr” wget -o /dev/null –spider -t 1 […]