Bash / Shellshock followup for *nix

Since there’s additional vulns “detected” – there’s a easier fix. 1 – Verify that /bin/sh does not point at /bin/bash. 2 – Replace bash with another shell! – Either by symlinking over bash, or just.. whatever you decide… DONE. Now, allow all the hype to settle – and enjoy a tiny amount of quiet..

Debian 7 Toshiba Lifebook T4220 Wacom stylus and tablet rotation

I was a bit frustrated… Started with that I found jessicalitwin’s page and thought – cool! Finally I could have this little bastard of laptop working all the way! Baseline: Stylus did not follow the screen rotation.. So, I took a silent moment and thought about it. Here’s my followup: Installation: Install required packages: (su […]


# first, grab most of the error-free areas in a hurry: ddrescue -n /dev/old_disk /dev/new_disk rescued.log # then try to recover as much of the dicey areas as possible: ddrescue -r 1 /dev/old_disk /dev/new_disk rescued.log

Happy birthday Debian!

Debian turns 20. And that’s just awesome! It’s been around 10 years since I swapped the sad RPM-based distros and came upon with awe this marvelous build, called Debian. Still, I have not contributed as much as I wish I had.. But, there’s time. I believe strongly that Debian will outlive us all (hopefully ;) […]

SSHuttle and RSYNC

The annoyance of having a VPS, and just wanna do RSYNC can be.. a burden. So here’s a easy version of it. I’ve got a RSYNC-server back home, serving and loyaly keeping my backups in one (or not..) location. But doing rsync directly over the interwebs isn’t .. well, recommended (eherm). Here’s an easy fix […]

skype for Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS), how to break it on a 64-bit OS.

So, I destroyed my skype install with the unlinking of a few libs thanks to another 3rd party package.. Trying to clean this up is not.. fun… $ /usr/bin/skype bash: /usr/bin/skype: No such file or directory Now, that does prove an issue… And so does the following: strace /usr/bin/skype execve(“/usr/bin/skype”, [“/usr/bin/skype”], [/* 38 vars */]) […]