Fortinet webfilter test

# cat #!/bin/bash #wget #New url.. wget grep wftest categories > raw IN=`cat raw` links=$(echo $IN | tr ‘”‘ “\n”) for addr in $links do if [[ $addr == *”html”* ]];then echo $addr >> targets fi done targets=`cat targets` for filtaddr in $targets do echo”$filtaddr” wget -o /dev/null –spider -t 1 […]

How do you disclose / inform / or get in contact with online companies today?

So, Troy Hunt got the following out; If we back a bit, we have a communication history in general. Based on email… abuse webmaster postmaster @yourdomain – those where the general in-channels. Troy got into a tight spot, I have not encountered that – sadly, I got into something worse. Ignorance and fudge.. Reporting […]

We broke the internet, by inventing the internet.

Rant… This is a rant. But in short, by the birth of the internet – interconnected computing, and the applications of that era – why whould not part of the first users take over in a hostile model what they started or, partially took over. It’s a matter of cost. Looking back at my own […]

Logging temperature data with Python / MySQL / Arduino over serial

While back, I did create an arduino setup, and has since then been meaning to do something more useful with it. Well, it took a while. I fiddled around a bit, and now finally managed to combine it with looking into python. I’ve pasted the pythoncode in below, you will need python-mysql and pyserial (pip […]

QNAP suprise – The QNAP Q´Center (QCenter)

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon one of the actually useful “addons/plugins/apps” that was available from the official repo. It’s for managing multiple QNAP NAS units. And It’s light – in features so far, but it actually gives some graphs, possibility to create rules, and generic alarm settings! So, stepping to the left, we […]

Give yourself an headache – upgrade from apache 2.2 to apache 2.4

Yeah. I am old. And I do fancy other webbies than Apache. But, since I have found setups to work over a decade ( until now..) configuration wise (minor mods since first 2.x release..) – the “new” 2.4 release did kick me in the nuts quite well.. Still working through the config changes that has […]

Tinkering with the cheaper Intel Compute Stick

So, a while ago Intel released a “Intel Compute Stick”. It’s kindof tiny, doesn’t perform perfectly – but is quite a nice, quiet alternative for those whack-a-terminal-an-stream-some-music nights. Problem is – I don’t care that much for the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS pre-loaded (yes, I am talking about the version with only 1Gb mem, and whatissit […]