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Give yourself an headache – upgrade from apache 2.2 to apache 2.4

Yeah. I am old. And I do fancy other webbies than Apache. But, since I have found setups to work over a decade ( until now..) configuration wise (minor mods since first 2.x release..) – the “new” 2.4 release did kick me in the nuts quite well.. Still working through the config changes that has occurred and figuring out what needs to change to improve and secure. At least – it’s all up again, and works in some fashion ;).

SPDY, good/bad/awesome/bullshit?

So, there’s this little project that aims to speed things up over SSL.

I tried it out, and so far I’d say the beta isn’t really doing the job that great.
If you wanna check it out for yourself, head over to Google’s developers page.

It runs with the following specs needed:

Apache 2.2 (≥2.2.4)
mod_ssl enabled

If you like most of the world are using PHP, you need to check out the PHP section in the link.