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USB-multiboot key

So, been watching this humor-thing called Hak5 – then after a bunch of episodes they actually took me by surprise –
they constructed a multiboot usb-key – and I thought – hey, neat – I need that!

USB-key (as big or small as you wish),FAT32-format
your boot-cd’s/live-cd’s/floppy-images of choice.

Basic steps is –
* format
* add grub
** create that mbr
** copy the grldr from grub4dos into the root
** create a menu.lst
— it’s now bootable
*start opening up your images, and add stuff
to the menu.lst.

If you don’t like me saying it – the geeks at Hak5 can do it instead :

(yes, I know, the list isn’t complete, but hey – look into it yourself!)