Traffic Baseline. Apps/OS.

Rant. Many “NGFW” creations looks into the application-stack “layer 8”. I am however pondering over, since many seems to also identify the underlying OS (for enabling better and easier rule-sets per device category for example) – why not also provide a baseline for that specific OS – what to expect and also identify the normally […]

Presenting the PiWall and the PiES.

It has been a bumpy ride for the PiWall setup. Memory-cards dying all over the place kinda killed the first PiWall and a few of the PiES. The first incarnation of the PiWall held a bridge feature with wireless included with WPA2. Sadly due to stability issues with previous power supply I had to ditch […]

How things progress on a private LAN.

Found an old image from back in the day that I uploaded to a site (image created with SmartDraw trial version (“Ancient”) ) Now, one might argue that my drawing skills was better back then, but newer the less, the function of the network still remains the same. The introduction of a income did […]