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So I was bored one day (happens ever so often), Put up a Raspberry Pi with a SDR, and tuned in with Dump1090. Tracking airplanes have never been easier, or more enjoyable when you know you are getting the data out of the sky yourself.


Raspberry Pi 3, WiFi gone with the wind (but now back).

I dunno… Is it just me, or did the wireless just go away with the latest build of Rasbpian (as of today 2016-08, build from before summer).
Tried it out on two different 3´s – with both the full blown version and the lite one. Did not matter. There’s bluetooth, but no wifi.
The module(s) is loaded – but to no avail.

Been using both ones with the official Pi Screen. Been pondering if there is a bad glitch with not powering stuff separately ( power connected over GPIO ).

I’ll try it out without the interconnect and power them separately…

The whole of the interwebs seems to know nothing about it. What have I done that no one else seems to have noticed?

So … Just reconnected the lab-machine again after having it connected over ethernet, and guess what – the drivers seems to be back, for some odd reason. Odd… Odd.. Odd..


Seems to be related to power consumtion.. It’s a bit weird.

Presenting the PiWall and the PiES.

It has been a bumpy ride for the PiWall setup.
Memory-cards dying all over the place kinda killed the first PiWall and a few of the PiES.
The first incarnation of the PiWall held a bridge feature with wireless included with WPA2. Sadly due to stability issues with previous power supply I had to ditch it before – I might rebuild it again now that I have a new fancy supply attached.
I did also loose my nifty compiled squid proxy that made updating less costing bandwith wise (it has to be slim in space, power and bandwith – it´s raspberry pi´s! ).
However, now they are finally in order, and ready to perform all the fun stuff I want.




The main layout goes as follows;
All PiES uses rasbian as base – some the full featured version, and some the lite release. Hardware wise they are Raspberry Pi B, B+ and raspberry pi 2´s.

Top – PiWall – simple firewall gateway with NAT. Uses NTOP for enjoyment over the webs. Featureset includes Gateway (NAT), DHCP,DNS. Will include Squid against attached usb stick on Pi-Blue.
Pi-Blue – the blue cable – for the Pi with the touchscreen that is attatched to the side. Graphs realtime with iftop. Will serve usb stick over NFS for additional r/w features (ie, squid).
Pi-Orange – Master node and will be used as controller for all. Any actions onwards will be directed from this baby.
Pi-Purple – Slave node.
Pi-Yellow – Slave node.
Pi-Green – slave node.
pies-switch – a “smart” netgear switch with a webinterface
On the side – One to many USB “psu”. Makes it easier..

Next step will be to re-compile glusterFS – I had it partially working until two SD-cards died…

I will try to in the future add Partial PXE-boot-like enviroment. Meaning that only data on the SD-card locally will be the needed boot-part – the rest will not reside on it, making the setup more durable and totally minimizing writes to the SD-cards.

Presenting – The PiWall.

Having a dreaded man-cold, not really being able to be awake more than a few hours before everything started to hurt last week, I decided to start with a old project.

I grabbed one of my old Raspberry Pi Model B’s, glued a USB Ethernet adapter to it, attached an old Wifi USB dongle, and started having fun.


Now, this is related to the loss of the NSLU2, and also some new ideas with a “PiES” concept (I’ll get into more detail later on about that).

The main functions to be targeted with this little bundle of fun will be the following:

* Firewall with the standard NATting, DHCP / DNS features
* Bridged LAN interfaces (Ethernet and WLAN (with hostapd))
* IPSEC enabled (becoming a cheap extender of the Mesh IPSEC network)
* SQUID-proxy (since the throughput needs all the help it can get)

Sadly, I started compiling the latest Squid, and of course it broke within a function – I’ll drill down to a less new version, but I refuse to run the old and dirty one in the repos for Rasbian (yes, it runs Rasbian, that’s been put on a diet).

It’s not built to perform fast – or even that well. It’s purpose built to be CHEAP. However, with all the additionals, of course it will become somewhat not that cheap if I am to create more of these small bundles of joy.

But, imagine getting your hands on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B as well.. Aaaaw.. More fun stuff!

Either way – I’ll get this concept working first in full, and extend the functionality.
Might have to move on to the “C&C” for the PiES soon tho, so I can control my Pi-army in a nice way :).

More to come!