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How do you disclose / inform / or get in contact with online companies today?

So, Troy Hunt got the following out;

If we back a bit, we have a communication history in general.
Based on email…


@yourdomain – those where the general in-channels.

Troy got into a tight spot, I have not encountered that – sadly, I got into something worse. Ignorance and fudge..
Reporting anything in a public space – really? How come?

Public space / “social media” is usually under the hand of PR / marketing. Getting ’em to move their butts and report higher … Not the easiest way when we are not talking about security-aware companies.

So how do we determine or detect security-aware companies? We don’t. Bash’em with information – make a correct statement (like Troy and friend did) – and hope that the receiver is not part of the stupidity-bunch.