The year is 2015 – and people still click without thought.

The year of 2015 – the year one would think that after so many spam emails one would start thinking on what comes into the mailbox. But no. It’s tax time in Sweden. Several have gotten spam with attachments, from what claims to be the tax office. It’s not. First of – they don’t have […]

random chatbots #2, not that good for conversation :(

I don’t dare comment anymore, so I’ll just post the transcript. Lazy bastards would sum it all up ;). (XX:X1:09) [email protected]: hello there 🙂 (XX:X1:45) Me: hi there random spamb0t =) (XX:X1:54) [email protected]: nah, I am a vegetarian… no spam for me! haha (XX:X2:22) Me: Just got out of the shower? (XX:X2:31) [email protected]: Hiya, How […]

random chatbots, not that good for conversation :(

Here’s the transcript with a smaller breakdown, enjoy ;). (10:58:53 AM) Ella: So what’s up? (10:59:46 AM) Me: dunno. I’m guessing you’ll tell me. (10:59:57 AM) Ella: hi .. have we chatted b4?? 24/female here…you? First fail of generic botting, establishing if it’s a existing contact or not might have saved this bot a few […]