Trying out Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10.

It is on… Trying out the … scary co-inhabitant partnership that currently is undergoing a beta period. Point here is (according to a terrible video by MS) is that it is “brand new”. They seem to have forgotten their old subsystem for UNIX, that was.. horrid – and not even close to something that at […]

Migrate packages installed from repositories.

Go dpkg –get-selections > selections.txt on your current system. Copy the output file over to your new machine (ie, scp). Run dpkg –set-selections < selections.txt on your new machine, to tell it which packages you want installed. If possible, migrate files and settings as appropriate. Don't forget to apt-get dselect-upgrade .

kernel: Neighbour table overflow

This issues is related to a bit too many arp-entries (in ie – a router). If you’re for instance having bittorrent traffic doing all those arp’s, you’ll end up with a lot of entries in your logs. Also, it’s a performance issue later on, since you’ll have problem flushing and creating new connections to ip’s […]

openvas 3.1.x "bundle" on ubuntu 10.04

Two versions, one is the classic one, the other contains a bunch of ‘new stuff’. #!/bin/bash #make me as a [] and do me a chmod +x [] #Ran on ubu 10.04 #Run as root (ie – sudo -i ) #classic cd $HOME wget wget wget gunzip -d $HOME/openvas*.gz tar -xvvf $HOME/openvas-libraries-3.1.2.tar […]

openvas ubuntu (9.10) -install

“Easy” way of installing. Based on 3.0.x of openvas, contains the needed dependencies. #!/bin/bash #make me as a [] and do me a chmod +x [] #Ran on ubu 9.10 #Run as root (ie – sudo -i ) cd $HOME wget wget ##wget gunzip -d $HOME/openvas*.gz tar -xvvf $HOME/openvas-libraries-3.0.5.tar tar -xvvf $HOME/openvas-scanner-3.0.2.tar […]