skype for Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS), how to break it on a 64-bit OS.

So, I destroyed my skype install with the unlinking of a few libs thanks to another 3rd party package.. Trying to clean this up is not.. fun… $ /usr/bin/skype bash: /usr/bin/skype: No such file or directory Now, that does prove an issue… And so does the following: strace /usr/bin/skype execve(“/usr/bin/skype”, [“/usr/bin/skype”], [/* 38 vars */]) […]

Tracing the empire

11 * * * 12 Episode.IV ( 145.959 ms 149.824 ms 148.464 ms 13 A.NEW.HOPE ( 156.132 ms 157.068 ms 156.233 ms 14 ( 147.855 ms 152.354 ms 149.796 ms 15 Rebel.spaceships ( 149.474 ms 149.624 ms 150.054 ms 16 striking.from.a.hidden.base ( 149.339 ms 151.867 ms 149.945 ms 17 have.won.their.first.victory ( 146.722 ms 148.857 […]

Benchmarking/bored with ighashgpu and GTX470 / GTX580

Yes.. I agree – there should be something better to do on a friday evening like this. But then again – naaah. Found some old cd’s, and am currently installing a Red Hat 8.0 virtual machine to wack away at. But, that takes some time. So at work, we had a small discussion on current […]

random chatbots #2, not that good for conversation :(

I don’t dare comment anymore, so I’ll just post the transcript. Lazy bastards would sum it all up ;). (XX:X1:09) [email protected]: hello there 🙂 (XX:X1:45) Me: hi there random spamb0t =) (XX:X1:54) [email protected]: nah, I am a vegetarian… no spam for me! haha (XX:X2:22) Me: Just got out of the shower? (XX:X2:31) [email protected]: Hiya, How […]