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Migration complete, or, at least “stable”

Yay. Got my new VPS up and running this afternoon. Some minor quirks made the wait a bit longer, but now the DNS-changes should start to replicate and the new life on the new VPS should come about. With added storage, I will be migrating additional features to this point. But, that is for another day!


I took a look at one of my stats features..


I was laughing my ass of at the look of that. I know 90% of it is spoofed (I only keep this one for sentimental reasons since it’s been installed since day one), but still!

Back online.

Finally, the migration has been completed. Several months ago,
the old hardware together with power failures fracked up a lovely setup.
Due to work and not enough time on my hands – the migration/data recovery had to wait until this day.

I’m happy to say that I’ve migrated out of my own sphere both with exitement and a bit scared.
I’m running this now on a VPS that’s not managed by myself…

There will be much more fun things to come now – It’s been a busy year so far.
Let’s hope I can keep things dropping in here.